Nous avons commencé ce site afin d’avoir toutes les informations importantes pour vous, chèr(e) invité(e), en un seul endroit. Nous avons pensé qu’il serait bon d’être comme tous les autres sites de mariage, i.e. de raconter notre histoire.

La voici …

Notre première randonnée aux Adirondacks a pris une éternité. Les policiers ont été appelés pour nous secourir parce que nous avons fait 2 heures à la frontale. Michele a pensé que c’était une expérience de mort imminente pour elle. De son côté, Eric était très inquiet pour la survie de Michele et a pensé qu’elle ne voudrait plus jamais le revoir.

Eric: Veux-tu me voir à nouveau après cela?

Michele: Si je sors vivante d’ici, oui, je veux 😱

Heureusement, nous nous en sommes sortis vivants, juste au moment où les autres randonneurs dans le groupe pensaient que nous passerions la nuit d’hiver dehors, dans la montagne.

On a tenu nos promesses! Nous nous sommes revus après cet incident.

Faits Amusants

10 choses à propos d’Éric et de Michèle


10 things about Eric that Michele likes:
1) He hangs his laundry out on the line, in the summer.
2) He eats all the food that she cooks, even though when they are spicy and squeaky.
3) He is a French Canadian and he loves his family.
4) He has several bookshelves with interesting book covers and titles, which he claimed he has read them all including the encyclopedia of everything.
5) He does things meticulously.
6) He plays most sports as well as he can possibly play.
7) He pays attention to most details for her, like putting a snack in her lunch bag and making sure that she is on time for ALL the events.
8) She loves tennis and he will be her tennis partner for life.
9) She gets to beat him in chess.
10) He is all that she has ever wanted 
10 things about Michele that Eric likes:
1) He likes her intelligence and her great listening skills.
2) He likes her cutey bum ☺️
3) He likes how she approaches people with diplomacy and tactfully.
4) He likes the meals she cooks.
5) He likes to play tennis with her.
6) He likes that she is affectionate😚
7) He likes her open mind.
8) He likes to hear her sing.
9) He likes her flexibility.
10) He likes her smile.


We started this website so that we can have all the important information for our guests in one place, we thought it would also be nice to be like all other wedding websites, to tell our story.


Our first hike at the Adirondacks took forever, and I mean it is now and will be forever. Michele thought it was a near-death experience for her, and Eric thought she might never want to see him again.

Eric: Will you want to see me again after this?

Michele: If I make it out alive, I will 😱

Fortunately, we made it out alive, just when the other hikers in the group thought they would inform the ranger of the two missing individuals.

Guess what, we made it out alive and we lived up to our promises:) We get to see each other again after that.

Fun Facts

10 things about each other